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Mission Statement

The purposes and goals of Student Research and Information's institutional and student research program are to provide and support the research, data, and information needs of the UCSD campus community, with a particular focus on UCSD Student Affairs programs, policies, and initiatives. The research, data, analysis, and reporting of student development and outcomes are provided to support institutional planning, policy formulation, program effectiveness, and administrative decision-making.

SR&I's primary focus is on the applicability and usefulness of research based evidence to inform policy and guide practice. To this end, SR&I conducts, initiates, and supports systematic research and evaluation studies on the institutional impact and effectiveness of Student Affairs and other campus programs and practices on student development and outcomes. These data and reports focus on improving academic student services and programs, assessing organizational effectiveness, and the educational and career outcomes of UCSD students.

Our student research activities focus on the longitudinal development, change and outcomes of successive cohorts of entering UCSD students. Examples of these activities and analyses include:

  • Collecting and analyzing student data beginning with pre-enrollment characteristics, assessment of student development, perceptions, and satisfaction with the undergraduate experience. Our assessment of the undergraduate experiences of UCSD students is a continuous process beginning with the first year experiences of students, and continuing through follow-up studies of former students.
  • Measuring and reporting trends in student characteristics, behavior, attitudes, satisfaction, retention and graduation, and describes the implications of these trends for institutional policies and practices.
  • Conducting periodic evaluation studies to provide research-based evidence on the impact and effectiveness of student programs and services based on the goals and objectives of these programs and services.

We also provide student data to state and federal agencies, and other organizations as needed.

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