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Photograph of Vice Chancellor Penny Rue

Letter from Vice Chancellor Penny Rue

Greetings colleagues! It is hard to believe that we have reached winter quarter already. Our newest students, both freshmen and transfers, have one quarter under their belts and are ready to face the challenges of the next. And so are we.

Last winter was a challenging time at UC San Diego. A series of high-profile racial incidents unfolded following President’s Day Weekend, and we spent the rest of the academic year responding and planning a more welcoming and inclusive future. While no one would dispute that it was a difficult time, I believe it was also a moment of profound change. We can think of UCSD as a crucible—a vessel designed to withstand high heat in which a transformation can occur.

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It Starts With You

by Jessica Heredia, Assistant Director & Outreach Coordinator, Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center

It Starts With You

The Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center (SARC) is on a mission. We want to prevent sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking and we need your help! In October of 2009, SARC was awarded two federal grants, one from the Department of Education and the other from the Department of Justice. The goals and objectives of these two grants include staff training, mandatory violence prevention education for students, policy review, as well as collaborations with our off-campus partners. The education component is driven by our media campaign, titled: It starts with you. Our educational outreach focuses on bystander intervention as the primary strategy for preventing violence. So, what is bystander intervention?

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Clinton Global Initiative

The 2011 Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) meeting will take place at UCSD from April 1–3, 2011. UC San Diego topped UC Berkeley, Stanford, and USC as the host of this year's meeting. The three-day meeting will be attended by students from around the country and from fifty nations around the globe. As many as 1,300 students will be in attendance. UCSD students are guaranteed 20 percent of the spaces.

Clinton Global Initiative

CGI U is President Clinton’s initiative designed to engage the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world. Each student attendee of CGI U makes a Commitment to Action: a specific plan of action that addresses a pressing challenge on their campus, in their community, or around the world.

The application to attend the 2011 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative University, hosted by President Clinton, is now available online at Applying and attending are free. A campus committee co-chaired by Sara Henry, the Director of the Center for Communication and Leadership, and Marshall College Dean Mentha Hynes-Wilson will review the applications of UCSD students.

The early decision deadline was November 30, 2010. The final decision deadline is February 7, 2011. Students will be admitted on a rolling basis. Spaces are limited so encourage students to apply early.

As many as 200 student volunteers will be required to hold the meeting. An application process will be set up to select student volunteers. Darlene Mercado from the Center for Student Involvement is coordinating the selection of student volunteers.

For more information about CGI U, contact Gary Ratcliff at

Campus Climate/Diversity Update

Welcome Ana Baiz-Torres
In February 2011, it will be one year since our community experienced the racial incidents that profoundly impacted the campus. As Vice Chancellor Rue has stated, the student advocacy and administrative leadership that has emerged from the aftermath have led to early signs of transformational change at the university. Among these significant changes is the addition of Ana Baiz-Torres. Ana is the new Director of Development for Diversity Initiatives—a position created to financially assist many of the Administrative Commitments to Improve Campus Climate. Ana is grateful to the students who helped create her position. Although Ana is not an official member of Student Affairs, her position and office are in Business and External Affairs, and you will likely see Ana at various Student Affairs meetings and events. Ana has already met with several staff members in Student Affairs to begin fundraising efforts for the OASIS Summer Bridge program and student-led yield programs. For other updates and information regarding progress on the Administrative Commitments, please visit the Campus Climate Website.

Professional Development Opportunities

Collected by Stephanie Wong, Office of the VC Student Affairs, Human Resources

The spring quarter Student Affairs Staff Development Fund deadline is March 1— for events taking place from April 1–June 30. Visit the Staff Development Fund Website for more information.

Student Affairs Professional Development Committee

"In order to attract and retain an excellent staff, we strive to create the best possible learning opportunities, training tools and resources. As stated in the UCSD Principles of Community, we value each member of our learning community for his or her unique talents and recognize that each individual's effort is vital to achieving the overall goals of the university."

This guiding statement from the Values for Learning and Professional Development issued as a reminder each year is also what guides the Student Affairs Professional Development Committee's efforts.

The Professional Development Committee organizes staff development programs (CLIMB around, RUEF, Career Connection at Student Affairs) and helps to plan Student Affairs bi-annual all-staff meetings. The Committee Chair position is presently vacant. If you would like to lead a group comprised of your Student Affairs colleagues in bringing programs and opportunities to staff, please contact Stephanie Wong.

Resources That Build Our Expertise

Collected by Jamie Nye, Assistant Director of Professional & Graduate School Advising, Career Services Center

Could your networking skills be improved? Do you need a way to stay positive at work when you’re surrounded by negativity? Roxanne Farkas, Career Advisor in the Career Services Center who delivered the Career Connection workshop “Your Attitude Can Make a Difference” for VCSA staff last fall, recommends the following books to help on both fronts:

  • Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi (2005) Roxanne says, “There are two kinds of people. Those who DO and everybody else. The book discusses networking strategies and building important relationships.”
  • In The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal With Negativity at Work (2008), Roxanne says author Jon Gordon “delivers his message—through a captivating story—[f]ocused on the circumstances surrounding Hope, the VP of human resources at an IT company during a dangerously precarious business situation. Gordon takes the reader from negativity to productivity via the "no complaining rule."

Check out both authors’ websites to find more resources and web videos to inspire your personal and professional development.

Community Building
Did you miss the screening of the “Triton Voices: Looking Back, Moving Forward” video last Fall? Played for ~400 students, staff and faculty at the “Triton Voices: Diversity and Community at UC San Diego” program and featuring many of our own Student Affairs staff members, this video chronicles our campus’s history of struggles and efforts to build an inclusive campus community. Check out this moving 13 minute video created by Martha Hart, Senior Writer in the Office of Admissions & Relations with Schools, to get informed, start a conversation or examine how you are a part of the many voices of UC San Diego. Visit & click “Triton Voices#90” from the list on the left to view. Recommended by Jamie Nye, Career Services Center.

Have you come across anything —articles, books, websites—recently that the rest of us in Student Affairs might benefit from reading? Send your suggestions for the next issue of Impact to Jamie Nye.

Comings and Goings

Please welcome the following new employees to the Student Affairs family:


  • Sarah Anderson, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Shant Barmak, Cal-SOAP
  • Adan Barragan, University Centers
  • Danielle Barrall, University Centers
  • Harmony Carrera, Student Life
  • Connie Chang, Muir College
  • Mariana Escamilla, University Centers
  • Scott Flanders, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Berenice Gil, OASIS
  • Jessica Iburg, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Jennifer Karp, Campus Recreation
  • Bienvenido Landrito, University Centers
  • Janny Li, Career Services Center
  • Elizabeth Link, Student Life
  • Stephanie Luu, Student Life
  • Gregory Stewart, Eleanor Roosevelt College
  • Lisa Swid, International Center
  • Nicole Taniguchi, Student Health Services
  • Eric Tarbell, International Center
  • Elizabeth Yang-Hellewell, Student Life


Soly Lee, Marshall College, after 30 years of service
Nancy Keys, Sports Facilities, after 42 years of service

Staff Kudos

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Penny Rue, receives her award.

Join us in congratulating our leader, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Penny Rue for being named one of NASPA' s Pillars of the Profession. Click here for a complete listing of the NASPA Foundation's Pillars of the Profession.

Kudos to the Registrar's Office, one of the recipients of the annual Partners in International Education Awards for 2010. The Partners in International Education Awards are given annually by the International Center to colleagues from across campus that make significant contributions to the internationalization of the University.

Happy Anniversary to the Career Services Center who celebrated their 25th Anniversary on November 22! Here's to another 25 years!

Senegalese dance ensemble, Compagnie Jant-Bi

Congratulations to ArtPower! at UC San Diego, who successfully hosted over 700 local K-12 students at their student matinee featuring the Senegalese dance ensemble, Compagnie Jant-Bi!

Patrick Velasquez

On October 29, 2010, UCSD's Ethnic Studies Department celebrated its twenty-year anniversary. Four members of the UCSD community were honored at the reception for their support of and contribution to the Ethnic Studies Department's students. Amongst the honorees were: Cecilia Ubilla, Coordinator of the OASIS Language and Writing Program, Patrick Velasquez, Director of OASIS, and friend of Student Affairs, Edwina Welch, Cross-Cultural Center Director.

Kudos to Sara Henry, Center for Communication and Leadership; Penny Rue, Student Affairs; Gary Ratcliff, Student Life; and Cynthia Davalos, Student Affairs for presenting sessions at the NASPA Western Regional Conference in Portland, Oregon in November.

Jenny Garza, Faculty-Led Programs Coordinator at the International Center was awarded the Service to Student Affairs Award at the NASPA Western Regional Conference in Portland, Oregon. Click here to read more about Jenny!

Student Health Insurance Team

Kudos to Cindy McDaniel, Jessica Morris, Suzanne O'Neill (pictured above) and the entire Student Health Insurance staff for the long hours and hard work they put in to implement the new Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan, a whole new, second, insurance plan for our graduate students. Thank you for your great work and dedicated efforts to our students!

Diana Philippi

Congratulations to Diana Philippi Barnard, Director of Development for Athletics and Wellness. Diana came in first place for female staff with a time of 21:10 at the 15th Annual Chancellor's Challenge 5K Run/Walk for Scholars.

Congratulations to all those recognized at the annual Service Awards Ceremony. A special kudos to those in Student Affairs with 25 or more years of service. Thank you for your ongoing service!

25 year honorees

  • Yvonne Borrego, Financial Aid Office
  • Margaret Clark, Admissions and Relation with Schools
  • Maria Elena Koerber, Admissions and Relation with Schools
  • Mary Lewis, Career Services Center
  • Carlos Morris, Student Health Services
  • Eric Paavola, Student Health Services
  • Suzette Tsiknas, Student Health Services
  • Arlene West, Admissions and Relations with Schools

30 year honorees

  • Susan Drevlow, Student Educational Advancement
  • Jim Hawkins, International Center
  • Marlyn Mills, Career Services Center, Career Services
  • Charlotte Smith, University Centers
  • Anne Stein, Student Health Services
  • Marcia Strong, Center for Student Involvement

35 year honorees

  • Elizabeth Blocker, Academic Enrichment Programs
  • Ann Klein, Financial Aid Office
  • Cynthia Leal, Student Health Services


The newly formed Office of Student Conduct has launched their official Website, studentconduct.ucsd. Please update any old SPJA websites with this new URL. Thank you to Karen Fisher and the TritonLink staff for their tremendous talent in putting the site together.

Student Affairs Staff Listserv—As a reminder, do not forget to put your colleagues and new employees on the Student Affairs listserve. Click here to subscribe or update your subscription to the Student Affairs staff e-mail list (SASTAFF-L).

A few important dates for you to consider this winter:

Did you know?

Chancellor Marye Anne Fox received the National Medal of Science; click here to see the video of the award ceremony hosted by President Barack Obama.

Congratulations to the UC San Diego women's soccer team, who made it to the NCAA Division II National Championship match at Louisville, KY against Grand Valley State, earning the title of national runner-up.

Student Affairs Photos

UC San Diego Black Student Union, honorees at the NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Dinner on October 8, 2010.

Student Affairs Staff felt the Halloween spirit!

International Center and VCSA staff

Student Health Center staff

Ryan Crawford from the Center for Student Involvement (third from the left, to the right of Mayor Jerry Sanders) representing Student Affairs at the Colleges Rock Hunger press conference, part of the Volunteer50 program.

Some of the 6,500 attendees at FallFest on October 15, 2010, coordinated by A.S. Concerts & Events.

Financial Aid Assistant Director Beth Ojeda presented two student workshops in December at The Zone on "budgeting."

Provided with only newspaper, twine, tape and scissors, Student Affairs teams from the Developing Teams class with David Agran, participants show of their creations.

Director Andy Ceperley speaks at the Career Services Center 25th Anniversary.

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