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Photograph of Vice Chancellor Penny Rue

Letter from Vice Chancellor Penny Rue

What does it mean to be a community?

One of the things I love most about my life as a member of a university is the opportunity that it gives me to be a part of a community. In a community, you can know and be known. You can contribute to and draw from the collective energy, wisdom and knowledge of your fellow members. But a community is not only that. It can be a place where our deepest needs and fears come to the surface and conflict with those of others.

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Cost of College

by Ann Klein, Director, Financial Aid Office

Here’s great news for students and their parents–UC San Diego remains accessible and affordable! In fact, more than half of our undergraduate students receive need-based support. Our robust financial aid programs help pay for college through grants, low cost educational loans, work study and scholarships. When students are ready to attend UC San Diego, money shouldn’t stand in the way!

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Resources That Build Our Expertise

Collected by Andy Ceperley, Director, Career Services Center, and Sara Quarterman, International Scholar Assistant, International Center

Education Advisory Board

Student Affairs has become a member of the Education Advisory Board, a research organization that has published thousands of studies and research briefs to assist decision-makers in health care and higher education. To read recent reports about your area of interest, follow these instructions. For more information on the Education Advisory Board, you can visit their Web site.

10 Myths of Social Justice

On Tuesday, February 2, the Campus Community Centers invited staff to a Webinar entitled “10 Myths of Social Justice,” presented by Vernon Wall, founder of ACPA’s Social Justice Training Institute. The Webinar was intended for staff who work with students and who are often on the front lines where social justice theory gets put into practice. Following the Webinar, the directors of the Campus Community Centers led a discussion focusing on UC San Diego's efforts to involve staff in social justice dialogue, training, and community-building.

The “10 Myths of Social Justice,” according to Vernon Wall, and his response to each:

Social justice is a vague concept with no real scholarly basis.
VW: There is much scholarship and research around the concepts of social justice. Google “Social Justice and UMASS Amherst”.

Social Justice is just diversity and multiculturalism renamed.
VW: The concepts of social justice move beyond awareness and tolerance toward appreciation and action. They allow us to move beyond conversations about the “other” and focus on how our identities are windows into understanding oppression and creating change.

Talking about social justice moves us away from conversations on racism, sexism, classism, etc.
VW: Social justice concepts allow us to enter into conversations related to all of the “isms” in more effective ways – using the dominant and subordinated groups that make up who we are.

Student Affairs professionals are good people and thereby the concepts of social justice are in their nature.
VW: Even good people with good hearts can do some very oppressive things in unintentional ways.

Social justice does not welcome conservative voices and views.
VW: The end outcome of social justice is equity and inclusion. There are many ways in which we can achieve this though we might not always agree on the means by which to get there.

The concepts of spirituality and social justice are not compatible.
VW: Like social justice, most if not all faith communities embrace the concepts of fairness, love, compassion and justice.

Social justice focuses on action rather than personal work.
VW: Social justice begins with personal work. It is through our understanding of ourselves that we can then engage in authentic dialogue with others and better strategize with others to enact change.

Students who have studied abroad are more aware of social justice issues.
VW: Only if students understand the dynamics of oppression in the United States before heading to another country.

Students are not interested in social justice issues.
VW: The annual UCLA study on first year students shows a constant increase for the past 3 years in students reporting interest in civic commitment and social responsibility.

Social justice is a liberal cause for idealists.
VW: Call it what you want, social justice is about making sure that everyone in the campus community feels connected and supported. This allows them to achieve at their greatest potential. This is what the college experience is about.

Professional Development Opportunities

Collected by Stephanie Wong, Personnel Analyst, Office of the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs

Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program (SEOEP)—this program provides individual awards up to $500 to help cover tuition/book expenses for career development activities. Reminder that Monday, April 26th is the deadline. For more information visit the SEOP Blink page.

Did you know that the UCSD Staff Association offers scholarships?—Applicant must be a current, dues-paying member of the UCSD Staff Association as of May 31 of the current year, and at the time of application and award of scholarships. Awards are presented at the Staff Picnic. For more information visit the Staff Association Scholarship Blink page.

The next Middle Management Advance is scheduled for Thursday, May 6th. Intended for staff in supervisory and manager positions—look for your invitation soon.

Upcoming Courses Offered by Staff Education & Development:

Perspectives on Leadership—This series of conversations with leaders in the university provides an innovative and informative look at leadership. You are invited to learn about perspectives on leadership within the university and in higher education by exploring the experiences of leaders within our organization. Leadership philosophies, values and practices as well as changes, challenges and lessons learned will be among the topics of conversation. The next session is scheduled for Tuesday, April 6th with Dr. Sandra Daley.

Personal Finance Series (continued)—12:00–1:00pm Eucalyptus Point
April 14—Student Loan Debt Management
April 22—Your Credit Score/Report

Supervisory Training Laboratory—Essential training for designated staff supervisors. The next program begins Wednesday, April 28th.

Work Leader Training—Not a designated supervisor, yet you direct the work of others? This program is for you! The next series begins on Wednesday, July 8th.

Diversity Education—Supplemental training for both the Sup Lab and Work Leader Training. Enroll now for the April 15th class. To enroll, visit Enrollment Central.

No time to get away?—Staff Education offers Web-based training through a partnership with SkillSoft. For more information and to gain access to the SkillSoft library visit the SkillSoft Blink page.

Comings and Goings

Please welcome the following new employees to the Student Affairs family:


  • Brittney Barclay, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Adrienne Brown, Trio Outreach Programs
  • Irene Chen, Student Life
  • Ryan Crawford, Student Life
  • John Curington, Student Health Services
  • Jenelle Dean, Admissions & Enrollment Services
  • Nancy Downs, Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Judith Gaspar, Student Health Services
  • David Hillery, Financial Aid
  • Kirsten Kung, Academic Enrichment Program
  • Elizabeth Lee, Admissions & Enrollment Services
  • Alicia Morrell, Muir College
  • Megan Peeples-Walck, Revelle College
  • Abel Reyes, Sports Facilities
  • Sabrina Sadler, Sexual Assault Resource Center
  • Simon Teale, Campus Recreation
  • Clark Campagna, Eleanor Roosevelt College


  • Jonathan Walters, Medical Director, Student Health Services

If we missed you here because of publication deadlines, we’ll get you in the next edition!


A few important dates for you to consider this spring:

  • César E. Chávez Celebration Kickoff—April 8
  • Admit Day—April 10
  • Student Affairs All Staff Meeting—May 4
  • Raza Awareness Week—May 3–7
  • Parent & Family Program Mother’s Day Photo Ops for Students—May 4–6
  • Transfer Admit Day—May 8

50th Anniversary, Achieving the Extraordinary—The excitement is building, and the preparation has begun, for UC San Diego’s 50th Anniversary commemoration. Festivities will commence in September 2010 and last through June 2011. Click here to visit the UC San Diego 50th Anniversary Web site. Student Affairs staff is helping to make this event one to remember, so please join us in recognizing the efforts of the following staff members:

  • Amy Thomas, Student Life
  • Brian Ross, Student Life
  • Cynthia Davalos, Office of the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs
  • Darlene Mercado, Center for Student Involvement
  • Earl Edwards, Athletics
  • Eunice Estrada, Admissions & Enrollment Services
  • John Payne, Student Life
  • Ken Grosse, Athletics
  • Lauren Weiner, Student Life
  • Marty Wollesen, Student Life
  • Penny Rue, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  • Sharon Van Bruggen, Student Life
  • Tom Johnson, Admissions & Enrollment Services
  • Toni Tschann, University Development
  • Trish Scott, Dean of Student Affairs, Eleanor Roosevelt College

The 3rd annual Outstanding Senior Award and Outstanding Graduate Student Award will be presented to two graduating students who've earned recognition for outstanding academic and leadership performance, and for enhancing the student experience at UC San Diego. Download a form and nominate an outstanding student! The application deadline is Friday, April 23.

The CLIMB Certificate Program is designed to encourage Student Affairs Staff to develop skills and abilities and to create a strong talent pool for promotion within Student Affairs. Completing the Certificate will allow you to engage in developmental activities and experiences for your achievement, advancement, personal development, and quality of life. Take a self-designed curriculum of classes, participate in professional development activities and get involved on campus to earn “steps” toward your CLIMB Certificate. Learn more about this program at the CLIMB Blink page. Earn two “steps” toward your CLIMB Certificate by attending a CLIMB Around session! Facilitated once a quarter, the CLIMB Around series provides an “insider’s look” into another Student Affairs department to find out what services they provide, how they are organized and what type of skills the department looks for when recruiting new team members. It is a great way to informally create connections with other staff members and discover potential collaboration opportunities. Watch your email for details of the next CLIMB Around in May featuring the Admissions Office. (You do not have to be enrolled in the CLIMB Program to attend a CLIMB Around event.)

Staff Kudos

[photo: Cynthia Davalos and Penny Rue]

Congratulations to Cynthia Davalos (pictured at left with Vice Chancellor Rue), VCSA recipient of the 2010 Equal Opportunity/Diversity Award! For more information about this year’s diversity champions, visit this Blink page.

Congratulations to the Registrar’s Office (1), Department of Music (2), Office of Graduate Studies (3), Chancellor’s Office, and the Office of Student Wellness for being this year’s Spirit Week 2010 Annual Office Decoration Contest winners. Over forty departments at UC San Diego showed their school pride by competing to win the title of, “Most School Spirit” by decorating their office during the Annual Spirit Week Office Decoration Contest. Honorable mention certificates were awarded to the Financial Aid Office, the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, the International Center, the One Stop Desk, and the Warren Student Affairs Office. The continuous support from all the departments who participated in this year’s Spirit Week helps to promote the importance of campus involvement and school spirit.

[photo: Winners from the Registrar's office] [photo: Winners from the Music department] [photo: Winners from the Office of Graduate Studies] [photo: Renee Bartnett-Terry]

Congratulations to Renee Barnett-Terry (right), for her Leaders & Innovators profile in the March issue of Student Affairs Today Journal. Read the article here.

Congratulations to the University Centers for their marketing and promotional campaigns that won three awards from the Association of College Unions International. The University Centers won two first place awards and one second place award in the annual association-wide competition on marketing and promotional campaigns:


2nd Place—Discover Student Center Banners
Armando Abundis, Sharon Van Bruggen


[photo: Winning banners on campus]

1st Place—Discover Student Center Campaign (above)
Armando Abundis, Sharon Van Bruggen

BROCHURES (more than 8 panels)

[image: Peg magazine covers]

1st Place—PEG (Pocket Events Guide, above)
University Centers in partnership with AS Concerts and Events, and The Loft; Armando Abundis, Melissa Ewart, Amy Thomas, Sharon Van Bruggen, Alfredo Vilano; Students: Evan Cook, Jordan Ma, Tiffany Chiu, James Song, Justin, Garrett Berg, Alex Bramwell, Brooks Roach, Summer Nam, Rob Corea, Liz Kim, Irena He

Click here for a complete list of winning entries.

Congratulations to the International Center and the Career Services Center, whose staff were awarded an Innovation Excellence Award for Global Initiatives by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) for the International Student Career Mixer, a new initiative held during International Education Week. The mixer was a collaboration with the career services offices in IRPS and the Rady School, also NACE award recipients.

Student Affairs Photos from Winter Quarter

[photo: Ann Klein, Director, Financial Aid Office, with students from West Hills High School at “An Evening with UCSD” ]

Ann Klein, Director, Financial Aid Office, with students from West Hills High School at “An Evening with UCSD”

[photo: Alyssa Villanueva, Sy Prescott, Samuel Bostick, and Paola Rodelas from SPACES at “An Evening with UCSD” at Eastlake High School]

Allyssa Villanueva, Sy Prescott, Samuel Bostick, and Paola Rodelas from SPACES at “An Evening with UCSD” at Eastlake High School

[photo: Recipients of the UCSD 2010 Equal Opportunity/Diversity Awards]

Recipients of the UCSD 2010 Equal Opportunity/Diversity Awards

[photo: South Bay middle school students and parents]

South Bay middle school students and parents at “Comienza con un Sueño”

[photo: Staff volunteers]

Staff volunteers at “Comienza con un Sueño”

[photo: UCSD Students at this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade]

UCSD Students at this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade

[photo: UCSD Administrators at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade]

Vice Chancellor Penny Rue, Chancellor Fox, and Assistant Vice Chancellor Mae Brown at this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade

[photo: UCSD students making calls]

UCSD students making calls for the BSU Overnight Program

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