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ISSUE 4, FALL 2009
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Photograph of Vice Chancellor Penny Rue

Letter from
Vice Chancellor Penny Rue

I know that I am in the right job, because as we approach the beginning of the school year, I am filled with anticipation for the students’ return. How exciting to greet our new students at Welcome Week events and to hug those who return! Our newest students are often both enthusiastic and anxious, and a kind word from us can make all the difference. Our returning students are eager to tell us their stories and to share the ways they have learned and grown since last we saw them.

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Helping Our Students Integrate into the Social Life of Campus

Grace A. Bagunu, Express to Success Programs

According to research in higher education, a student’s sense of belonging is largely built upon feelings of acceptance as an individual and as part of a community. This sense of connection impacts the quality of learning and social life on campus. Adversely, feelings of loneliness have a negative impact on students’ sense of community on campus (Cheng 2004, Tinto 1987). This is evident in assessment data yielded from surveys administered to students at UC San Diego, which indicates room for improvement. As UC San Diego first year students’ feelings of loneliness increased, students indicated their sense of belonging on the campus decreased from 2007 to 2008. So, what are we doing to help students socially integrate on our campus?

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Global Seminars

By Sara Quarterman, International Scholar Assistant

A highlight of many students’ academic careers, the 2009 UC San Diego Global Seminar (GS) program pushes out the walls of the classroom through the experience of faculty-led classes and excursions for the second year in a row. On the Math and Beauty in Rome GS with Professor Joe Pasquale, students like Jean Huang built lifelong relationships and participated in experiences such as attending the grand opening of the opera Carmen in Pisa along with fifteen of their fellow students.

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Did You Know?

Collected by Gary Ratcliff, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life

UC San Diego is an intellectually challenging university. Even though they were at the top of their high school class, many freshmen find their first year demanding. To adjust to the academic rigor, freshmen make difficult choices about allocating their time. Some restrict their involvement in student activities but end up feeling isolated from campus life. Some respond to the strong academic competition among students by avoiding forming close friendships with their peers.

The 2008 Your First College Year Survey was administered to freshmen around the nation. The survey provides a glimpse at the level of academic challenge at UC San Diego and how UC San Diego freshmen respond. Some interesting findings from this survey are below:

2008 Your First College Year Survey
Results for First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen
UC San Diego Other Public Universities
Reported having an A average in their last term 10% 21%
Feel that it is very or somewhat difficult to adjust to the academic demands of the university 56% 41%
Agreed or strongly agreed that they have been able to find a balance between academics and extracurricular activities 63% 76%
Occasionally or frequently feel isolated from campus life 68% 51%
Interacted daily with close friends at their university 61% 75%
Agreed or strongly agreed that they feel a sense of belonging to the university 70% 80%

Resources That Build Our Expertise

Collected by Andy Ceperley, Director of the Career Services Center

Lessons Learned from Virtual Universities: New Directions for Higher Education No. 146
Jossey-Bass, Summer 2009, Katrina A. Meyer (Editor)

Until recently, many folks dismissed online universities as either passing fads or ineffective alternatives to higher education. Today many virtual universities are graduating highly sought-after students as well as posting record profits. University and college administrators would do well to closely investigate the successes and failures of virtual institutions in order to prepare for the future of higher education.

Recommended by Sixth College Assistant Resident Dean Tony Jakubisin

The College Transfer Student in America: The Forgotten Student
Published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)

This guide translates research into practical advice on attracting, retaining, and guiding transfer students. Various chapters address multiple strategies for orientation and advising, curricular issues involving transfer students, how to maximize the effectiveness of articulation agreements, preparing community college students for transfer, nontraditional students as transfers, and how to develop support from alumni who started as transfer students.

Recommended by Timothy Borch, Assistant Director, Transfer Student Services

Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling
By Jane Hyun

Traditional values of Asian Americans are often at odds with modern Western corporate culture. The author presents career strategies for Asians and provides a guide to getting in, moving up, and becoming successful.

Recommended by Roxanne Farkas, Career Advisor, Career Services Center

The International Educator
Published bimonthly by NAFSA: Association of International Educators

A popular resource for our colleagues in the International Center, this online magazine includes many interesting articles about study abroad as well as international students and scholars studying and researching in the United States. Read it online.

Recommended by Jim Galvin, Opportunities Abroad and Faculty-Led Program Director

Intergroup Dialogue: Deliberative Democracy in School, College, Community, and Workplace
Edited by David Schoem and Sylvia Hurtado

Intergroup Dialogue is a movement in higher education designed to meet one of the major challenges facing our democracy today: conflict or lack of communication between diverse groups of people in schools, in communities, and in the workplace. This book showcases twelve case studies and provides an exemplary model for preparing students for leadership in our diverse democracy and global world.

Recommended by Gary Anderson, Director, Intergroup Relations Program

College Girl
By Patricia Weitz

This novel portrays the college experience of a transfer student trying to master the social and psychological implications of life on a big university campus. She struggles to overcome fear, anxiety, and insecurity—particularly around class issues.

Beyond the Jokes on “Helicopter Parents”
By Pamela R. Matthews (from the September 9, 2009, issue of Inside Higher Ed)

The author articulates how the term helicopter parent has become such a sweeping generalization—sometimes getting in the way of empathy and concern. Read it online.

Recommended by Parent Relations and Programs Director Cara D. Appel-Silbaugh, Ph.D.

What have you read lately that the rest of us would find helpful? Send your “must reads” for the next issue of Impact to Andy Ceperley at

Low-Cost Professional Development Opportunities

Collected by Sara Henry, Director of Express to Success, and Stephanie Wong, VSCA Human Resources

The Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is excited to launch the Create. Learn. Innovate. Motivate. Be! Initiative with the start of the CLIMB Certificate Program this fall. As mentioned during the Student Affairs All-Staff meeting last spring, the CLIMB Certificate is designed to encourage Student Affairs staff to develop skills and abilities and to create a strong talent pool for promotion within the division. Completing the certificate will allow you to engage in developmental activities and experiences for your achievement, advancement, personal development, and quality of life. Take a self-designed curriculum of classes, participate in professional development activities, and get involved on campus to earn "steps" toward your CLIMB Certificate.

Involvement in CLIMB activities provides you with the opportunity to

  1. Develop skills and knowledge for personal growth and career advancement.
  2. Prepare for job transition and promotion within Student Affairs and beyond.
  3. Learn about Student Affairs and enhance student service abilities.
  4. Take care of yourself in the same attentive, encouraging manner that we care for the students we serve.

Watch your e-mail in-box for more information about eligibility, enrollment, and requirements for this exciting certificate program. See how high YOU can CLIMB! E-mail any questions to

Did you know that the UCSD Staff Association awarded twenty-eight scholarships with an average award amount of $125? Award recipients were announced at the Staff Appreciation Picnic. For more information, see this page.

The early-bird registration deadline for the NASPA Western Regional Conference in San Jose is October 2! Regular registration will continue through October 23. For more information, click here.

The Western Regional Careers in Student Affairs will take place at the University of San Diego on Friday, October 23. For more information, click here.

Mark your calendars! The next deadline to submit a proposal for the Student Affairs Staff Development Fund will be December 1. For more information, click here.

Staff Passions

Surrell and Ready

Community Service and Bake Sale!

Beth Surrell and Regina Ready enjoy the many goodies at the Registrar’s bake sale.

The Registrar’s Office recently organized a Community Service Workgroup so staff can support targeted community service projects. The first project under way is a supplies drive for Logan Elementary School (K thru 2) in San Diego. Staff member Dana Pruskowski periodically serves as a substitute at the school and educated the Registrar’s staff about Logan’s challenges and needs. The office then contacted the campus and collected supplies identified by the teachers. A bake sale was held to raise money to purchase supplies for the school. A total of more than $600 was raised.

Yummy treats!

The Registrar’s bake sale raised more than $600 for Logan Elementary School. Look at all those treats!

Career Services Center Presents Stitch in the Kitch

Formed during winter quarter 2009 by Mary Lewis and Ian Transfiguracion, Stitch in the Kitch is a group dedicated to sharing their passion for crochet. It’s a great way to reduce stress and to socialize with coworkers. All experience levels are welcome, including novices, knitting converts, crochet enthusiasts, and skeptics alike.


Seated: Marlyn Mills, Mary Lewis, Ian Transfiguracion; Standing: Fran Graham, Christy Quiogue; Not pictured: Taneshia Higgins, Jamie Nye

Team members take turns sharing their favorite patterns and provide assistance with more difficult patterns when needed. Adjustments can be made to patterns to meet the level of each team member. The group meets weekly during lunch to share their individual skills and to create fashionably fierce works.

Comings and Goings

Please welcome the following new employees to the Student Affairs family:

  • Bryan Yeaman, Admissions and Enrollment Services
  • Marina Lynskey, Student Health Services
  • Tarri Vihtelic, Sixth College
  • Rashmi Umdekar, Admissions and Enrollment Services
  • Ann Luc, Campus Recreation
  • Tim Emery, Career Services Center
  • Eric Strickler, Admissions and Enrollment Services
  • Francisco Zamudio, Sixth College
  • Armando Abundis, University Centers
  • eeman agrama, Marshall College
  • Sarah Laubbaucher, Student Health Services
  • Karie Simon, Sports Facilities
  • Michele Palmer, Sports Facilities

If we missed you here because of print deadlines, we'll get you in the next edition!

Special Congratulations and Appreciation

Congratulations to Gina Fleming, the new director of Student Health

Staff Kudos

Johnson and Hart

Tom Johnson and Martha Hart

Congratulations to Tom Johnson and Martha Hart from the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools. The ten-minute recruitment video The Gateway to Your Future, which is shown at the start of campus tours for prospective students and families, was the recipient of a prestigious Telly Award. Tom and Martha are part of the Analytical and Creative Services team in Admissions.

Congratulations to Financial Aid and the Office of Student Wellness, which recently received outside funds to promote a joint financial education program called CashCourse. This is part of a collaborative effort to promote financial wellness at UC San Diego, especially to new students.


Justice Castaneda is UC San Diego's Student Veterans Organization (SVO) president.

The good work of Financial Aid Veterans Affairs staff and Transfer Student Services in Admissions ranked UC San Diego in the top 15 percent of the nation’s military-friendly schools. According to G. I. Jobs magazine, UC San Diego has been recognized for embracing veterans as students. Kudos to Timothy Borch, Jed Schlueter, Vonda Garcia, Renee Moore, and Misty Wiley. For more information, click here.

Kudos to the University Centers! The Price Center expansion will be featured in the November issue of Architectural Record, one of the most prestigious and widely read magazines in the field of architecture. The expansion will be featured as a project story in the magazine.

Kudos to Jessica St. Clair from Student Legal Services! Jessica was recognized as a UC San Diego Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year this summer. Recognition is also in order for Kevin Messey, Intercollegiate Athletics; Wendy Taylor-May, Intercollegiate Athletics; Lourdes Dawson, Sports Facilities; Sara Quarterman, International Center; Jennifer Garza, International Center; and Charlotte Smith, University Centers, all of whom were nominated for the award.

Congratulations to Kim Burton and Kathleen McLaren-Hawking, Programs Abroad Office at the International Center, who are the advisors for the two UC winners of the 2009 EAP Undergraduate Research Award competition! Jacob Blanc studied in a full-immersion yearlong program in France, and Kenneth Richard Wong studied in a full-immersion fall semester program at the University of Ghana in Accra.

Renee Barnett-Terry, Dean of Student Affairs at Revelle College, received the prestigious American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows Award. Renee will be a fellow in residence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the fall semester.

Intercollegiate Athletics received the honor of having seven Coach of the Year recipients for the 2008–09 year. Congratulations to all!

California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCCA)

Darcy Ahner, Head Coach, Women’s Track and Field (left, top)

Charity Elliott, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Dan O’Brien, Head Coach, Baseball (left, middle)

Liz LaPlante, Head Coach, Women’s Tennis (left, bottom)

Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF)

Kevin Ring, Head Coach, Men’s Volleyball

Pacific Collegiate Swimming & Diving Conference (PCSC)

Scott McGihon, Head Coach, Men’s & Women’s Swimming/Diving

Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA)

Zachary A. Johnson, Head Coach, Men’s Crew


UC San Diego is ranked the second best university in the nation by the Washington Monthly’s 2009 College Guide, based on the positive impact the university has had on the country.

The 2008 National Collegiate Scouting Association’s Collegiate Power Rankings list places UC San Diego first in Division II.

A few important dates for you to consider this fall:

  • Homecoming—Friday, October 16–Sunday, October 18
  • Chancellor’s 5K—Friday, October 23
  • Family Weekend—Friday, October 23–Sunday, October 25
  • Student Affairs All-Staff Meeting—Wednesday, October 28
  • Staff Development Fund Deadline—Tuesday, December 1

Call for volunteers: Family Weekend, October 23–25, 2009
Volunteers are needed on Saturday, October 24, at the following times:
• 7:30 a.m.–2:00 p.m. (registration and check-in)
• 12:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m. (Birch Aquarium ticket taking)

Are you a member of NASPA or ACPA? Take a moment to voice your opinion about the two Student Affairs professional organizations joining forces here.

The Registrar’s Office has a useful resource that contains all of their most important dates and deadlines. If you advise students, consider this resource. Click here.

On September 19, 600 new transfer students and 400 returning students moved into the newest housing on campus: The Village, designed especially for transfer students.

RIMAC Annex celebrated its grand opening on September 21. Explore the new complex that includes Short Stop (grab-and-go at its finest), Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Home Plate Café (coming soon), relaxing lounge space, meeting space, and improved softball facilities.

Student Affairs Photos


Darryl Nousome, 2008–09 A.S. vice president of Student Life and class of 2009 graduate, addresses a crowd at the All Campus Graduation Celebration.


Shae Lynn Zastrow, recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Senior Award with her nominator, Cecilia Ubilla from the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS).


Middle school students admiring the complexity of the brain at the Sharp Academy–UCSD Day event.


Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Penny Rue, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Affairs Armin Afsahi, and President of the San Diego Chapter of the UC San Diego Alumni Association Lidia Rodriguez at the San Diego Summer Send-Off Picnic.


Incoming freshmen mingle at the San Diego Summer Send-Off picnic.

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